Markets @9000/- and we have nothing to do ….!!WRONG!!

So markets crossed 9000 and we at Shikhar capital have nothing to do except waiting………………………………………………….


For  killing time we are exploring company’s which are out of flavor or which wee have booked good profits. To name a few we are completely out from Associated alcohol, Edelweiss and delta corp and also EROS (Which has Killed us with a dramatic run ), And partial profits from Adani , rain, jet etc……………

So, we are reading books from our collection and sitting on cash … but while so and reading Snowball we have come out wth some interesting ideas.

One is real estate is doomed, but some Bonkers are still buying. For getting abut them, however, one company now has got ur attention. First company which we have not invested in, may be soon but could be great buy based on book value and the inventory levels.

DSKulkarni. We analysed the balance sheet and other parameters and looks like a company having an inventory of 1800 crores which is obviously inflated let’s say 900 crores(rest 900 crores is the margin of safety ), the debt of 500 crores and reserves of 5000 crores . so the market cap of 140 crores is GRAHMN , DODD , Warren Buffett type cigaret butt stock.


We are not invested but we may ...

The hypothesis remains same real estate is doomed …!!


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