Month: November 2017

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Beautiful swan cubs at the pond. Beautiful natural colored background with wild animals. Springtime.

Black Swans !!!

It has been a good year in Shikhar capital.  From a universe of thousand stocks we arrived at some very few stocks (Less than 10), and then the stories behind the stocks which we shared with our readers turned out to be philosophically right. The best part in this small journey was not the stock price but the conviction supporting the stories.




Market commentary – Nov 2017 Markets top when you find no reason to worry ………. Be worried!!!

Just like 1929 and then 1987, and then 2001, and then 2008!!!


So stock market is at all time high and there is so much gush of liquidity that all investors are astonished. Even after so much of FII selling, markets are at the top because of support from the domestic investors.  With every Mutual fund manager brainwashing for SIP’s the markets may have no dearth of liquidity in near future. Mutual funds which are 100% invested all the time are the happiest lot and fund managers who are or were waiting for markets to correct are having a hard time.


Portfolio commentary New buy/sell Stocks– Nov 2017

As mentioned in earlier blog posts also, we have been seller of many of our stocks like Adani enterprise, Rain industries (Which now is multi bagger, though we have small holding left and will be initiating sell soon), Westlife development etc. (Mostly small and Mid-caps) and buyers of Reliance, Tata motors, Jubilant food works and Adlabs entertainment.