Warren Buffett

Markets @Euphoric Levels… We at Shikharcapital sitting like lame ducks .. why ? why ? why ?

So for last one month markets are flirting at 9000 level to 9300 level and we are booking profits bit by bit.


We have booked some profits in Adani , Rain , Westlife , Escorts , Dewan housing etc and sitting on 15 % cash as of now. Some of the profits booked from small and mid cap like associated alcohol etc are plowed back into Reliance and Tata Motors.

So, it’s tough times as — “I will tell you the secret to getting rich on Wall Street. You try to be greedy when others are fearful. And you try to be fearful when others are greedy. –Warren Buffett”



Markets @9000/- and we have nothing to do ….!!WRONG!!

So markets crossed 9000 and we at Shikhar capital have nothing to do except waiting………………………………………………….


For  killing time we are exploring company’s which are out of flavor or which wee have booked good profits. To name a few we are completely out from Associated alcohol, (more…)

What we in India can learn from Berkshire Hathways newsletter 2016-17

So the annual newsletter of Berkshire Hathway is out and has all the wisdom needed for a value investor




Since Indian markets are at their higher end of valuations and all the stock recommendations from Shikhar capita are doing pretty well, it’s become very difficult to recommend new stocks, However

we decided to decode warren Buffett’s annual newsletter and how we read it … (more…)

What is value Investing?

Golden coins in soil with young plant. Money growth concept.

What is VALUE Investing?

Warren Buffet gave two rules for successful investing.

They are

(1) Don’t lose money

 (2) Never forget Rule no 1.

 Why did he talk about not losing money instead of telling us to compound our capital at very high rates? This is because compounding works against us if we lose capital. As they say ­ To finish first you must first finish. The key in investing is to stay in the game for a very long time without losing a lot of capital. This is what our models [Evolution, Warren Buffett, Moore’s Law] did. They played the game for a very long time without losing much. (more…)